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Kid Quotes
Over the years we have collected funny kid quotes spoken by our very own. Enjoy!
"Last night my dad thought he saw a mosquito, but it was a cheetah."

"Ooh - I'm hiccing up!"

(As a cup of small beads spills all over the floor) "Clean-up on aisle one!"

"Aren't you amazed and astonished?"

Teacher: "Does your new baby brother look like you?" Child: "No, he's really cute!"

Teacher: "What is your father's name again?" Child: "Dad!" (With a look that said, "What's wrong with you?")

Child (while attempting to make a '9'): "Oh, I accidentally made a '3'." Teacher: "That's ok, let's try..." Child (interrupts with a look of amazement): "I've never made a '3' before!!!"

Child: "He's calling me a baby!" Teacher: "Are you a baby?" Child: "No." Teacher: "Well, then why don't you tell him you don't like it when he calls you that." Child 2: "What'd she say?" Child: "She said to k'nore you."

(Completely out of the blue), "Pirates came and stole all of our stuff."

(As the child is laying down sprawled out on the floor), "I'm doing what my dad does!" *

(The teacher is trying to help a child remember the word "canyon") Teacher: "Can..." Child: "Canselot" Teacher: "Canyon"
Child: "Oh, I was really close!"

(Talking about group snack), "We're gonna have Doop Nat!"

(While pin-punching a turkey), "I'm makin' holes in this chicken."

Teacher: "Where did you go skiing?" Child: "At a hotel."

"The blew wind it down."

"There were 10 humans at the party and a few kids too."

Child: "So then Flower called her mom..." Teacher: "Oh, who's Flower?" Child: "My friend." Teacher: "Your friend's name is Flower?" Child: "Oh, wait, no... Rose!"

After looking at the dirty floor having and a discussion about wiping feet, a 4 year old child turned and faced the other children and said, "We should be ashamed of ourselves!"

"We put Santa on top of our tree... not the real one."

"The richest man in the world has over $1,000!!!"

(As a child is scratching several mosquito bites), Teacher: "You don't have chicken pox do you?" Child: "No, I have itchy pox."

Child 1: "My dad was born in Pennsylvania." Child 2: "Oh, my grandpa was born in Transylvania too!"

"The sun shines on everyone except the burglars."

(While frantically tapping the teacher), "I have a situation!"

"I have to tell you something... My dad has hair in his armpits. It goes out to here!" (Showing the length of about 5 inches.)

Teacher: "Now we are going to put an apostrophe here." Child: "A propostopy?!"

Child: "Did you know what I want to be when I grow up?" Teacher: "What?" Child: "A trash picker-upper!!!"

(While looking at the class caterpillars busily making cocoons), "They're turning into raccoons!"

Teacher: "What kind of voices do we use during group snack?" Child: "Invoices."

(After working hard on an outdoor project), "Phew! I think I need to sweat now."

*We promise not to believe everything that your child says about you as long as you promise not to believe everything he/she says about us!
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