About CK Montessori

Central Kitsap Montessori began as a small in-home school called Barker Creek Montessori.  When the waiting list grew large, Mrs. Zegers opened a second school, Steele Creek Montessori, in another location.  Eventually, through various circumstances, the two schools moved to a larger location, making 1 school with 2 classrooms.  While Barker Creek Montessori and Steele Creek Montessori give us many, many fond memories, we are now happy to be together in our ‘forever’ home on Central Valley Road.  During the 2015-2016 school year we celebrated our 25th year in operation!

How are we different from traditional schools?  How are we unique even to other Montessori schools?  Click the links below:

Trying to decide if it’s worth paying for Montessori Kindergarten when the public schools offer it for ‘free’?  Read M vs PS K By Diana Zegers.