Community Involvement

tptMrs. Zegers and Mrs. McClendon put many of the activities that they’ve created on TeachersPayTeachers.  TPT is a wonderful website where teachers can share their great ideas with each other and make a bit of money on the side.  Have a look at our store to see some works that you’ll recognize!  Each activity was created or written by these two creative staff members.  Give us a ‘like’ if you’re interested!

Book Donations – Supporting Locally

board-booksBecause of our huge commitment to getting books into the hands of young children, CK Montessori consistently donates books to local doctors offices.  In addition, at Christmas time, we donate popular board books to toddler groups.  Our Scholastic Book program enables us to give back locally.

Africa – Supporting Globally

Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa – giving back to the world

In January, 2016, Mrs. Zegers (administrator) went with Children of the Nations to Malawi, Africa.  The purpose of this trip was to educate preschool and kindergarten teachers that young children learn best with their hands.  Because of the poor economy, schools have very little in the way of materials but they also haven’t had the opportunity to learn about educational materials.  In preparation for the trip, Mrs. Zegers and her colleague collected 250 pounds of materials to bring with them.

During the first week of her 2 week stay, she was part of a presentation team that taught a week long Education Summit.  Attending the summit were school principles, head teachers, country liaisons from Sierra Leone, Uganda, Dominican Republic and of course, Malawi.  Mrs. Zegers used many Montessori materials to give the attendees hands-on experience.  What a joy to watch them spoon small stones from one bowl to another!  How fun to watch them put together the 100 board!  There was also time spent showing them how they could quite simply make many materials with items they already have.  At the end of the Summit week, she presented a demonstration class using 10 local kindergarten children.  This class left a huge impact on the attendees as they watched with amazement as the children made their own work choices and worked independently.  Since this week, Children of the Nations has reported that each of the 4 countries represented have taken this new knowledge and have begun to apply it to their preschools and kindergartens!  Just think of the difference this will make in so many children’s learning adventures!

During the second week of the trip, Mrs. Zegers spent her mornings in one particular kindergarten classroom trying out the materials with the children.  They were ecstatic!  She seemed like Santa Claus to them as each morning they wondered what wonderful learning materials were in her big bag!  In the afternoons, Mrs. Zegers gave workshops for the local teachers.  4 schools were represented by 12 teachers.  With a translator, she devoted each afternoon to one or two subjects, going into detail with the materials.  At the end of each afternoon, each school went home with enough materials to get that area of the classroom going.  Needless to say, they were beyond delighted just as the children were. 

At the end of the 2 weeks, Mrs. Zegers wondered what had just happened!!  She was truly overwhelmed.  The workshops, classrooms, native dances, beautiful children, worship services, food, a short safari, beautiful countryside and the warm weather had become a blur but she knew that she and others on the team had left a huge impact and had begun to change the way these precious children would learn.  

MORE NEWS:  Since the summit in 2016, Mrs. Zegers has remained in contact with a beautiful teacher named Miriam (pictured above with the umbrella).  Miriam lives in Mangochi, Malawi, near Lake Malawi.  She runs a school called Royal Kidz Academy.  She was very receptive to the Montessori method.  CK Montessori is committed to sending materials and Montessori information to her (digitally) so that she can present many, many learning opportunities to her students.  She is even running some training sessions with her colleagues about the Montessori Method.  What a joy it is to provide hands-on learning to children that may otherwise never have had the opportunity.  (Note the little girl that is counting with bottle caps!)

Supporting our Military

avery_joshuaavery_joshua1When a staff member’s child is in the military, we honor him/her by purchasing a Blue Banner.  Mrs. Avery’s son, Joshua, is in the Navy and you can see his banner on Silverdale Way just south of Bucklin Hill Rd.  Joshua, a 2012 Central Kitsap High School graduate, is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the guided- missile destroyer, USS O’Kane.  Petty Officer 3rd Class Joshua Avery is a gunner’s mate aboard the forward-deployed Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer operating out of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.