At CK Montessori we use a school alert system called Remind for all of our communication needs.  Through Remind we are able to send messages to all of our students quickly and easily.  You, the parent, can also easily message your child’s teacher, the office staff, and even your other parents in your child’s class.  All of this is accomplished without having to give away anybody’s personal phone numbers.

To be included in our alert system you will need to sign up and join our school.  The easiest way to do this, if you have a smart phone, is to download the free app.  You will be able to join our school and your child’s class by using the following codes.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.  We are happy to help!

  • Central Kitsap Montessori:  @9bghkd
  • M-Th Morning class:  @ckmblue18
  • M-Th Afternoon class:  @ckmyello18  (Note the spelling of Yellow because of space limitations!)
  • T-F Morning class:  @ckmred18
  • T-F Afternoon class:  @ckmgreen18

Use Remind to message:

  • Your teacher to report an absence or other questions, such as your child’s group snack date
  • Another parent to set up a play date
  • The administrators with registration, tuition or any other questions

Please be respectful of the staff’s working hours!  We may not be able to answer you right away if you message us in the evening or on the weekend.

Other parent / teacher communication:

Every fall we offer a parent / teacher conference in November.  This is a good time to chat with your child’s teacher, in depth, about how s/he is doing.  ACADEMICS; We’ll share with you the kinds of activities that your child is drawn to or is good at!  We’ll also share with you our goals for your child for the rest of this academic year.  SOCIAL SKILLS; We will also discuss your child’s social skills and goals for this school year.  Typical behavior for your child’s age will be talked about so that you can compare to how your child is doing and where you might be able to help at home.  BEHAVIORAL ISSUES;  These will also be discussed, although if they are of a serious nature, or indicate a possible learning delay or issue, you will have been contacted previously by conversations at the car or by email or by extra conferences as needed.

What about those quick conversations at the car?  Every day, when we put your child in the car, we will try to give a very short comment about his/her day;  He had a great day, she worked on her number roll, he sat through the whole circle time without bothering anybody, she finished her task sheet, etc.  Our comments are meant to be as positive as possible because your child can hear this conversation!  It is imperative that your child see us (the staff) and you (the parents) as a team and that we share information with each other!  By the same token, if your child is one that is having behavioral issues or difficulty settling in, it’s difficult to ALWAYS remain positive and we do feel (we are sure that you agree) that you need to know what went on at school.  In these cases, we will state FACTS about the day; he had 3 timeouts, she bothered Susie at circle time, he was rolling around on the floor during story time, etc.  These are meant to be information only – no judgement!  We will then always try to finish with a positive comment;  he worked on a map of Asia!

Beyond this:  you may always feel free to email your teacher or one of the administrators.  We promise to answer in a timely fashion (keeping our working hours in mind).