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Board members present: Tom Eckmann, Bruce McCain, Bob Linz, Betty Herman, Stuart Grogan, Judy Granlee-Gates, Tom Nelson, Rod Reed, Michael Philbrick, Danielle Murphy, Karen Timken, Judy Dougherty, Nick Johnson and Roger Zegers
Board members absent: Becky Hall (excused), Tracy Russell (excused), Becky Erickson (excused)

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The A HREF command is the same as a basic link except the link is to a codeword rather than a URL.
PLEASE NOTICE there is a # sign in front of the codeword. You need that to denote it is an internal link. Without the # sign, the browser looks for something outside the page named after your codeword. …and it ain’t gonna be there.
Your “codeword” can be just about anything you want. I try my best to keep it short and make it denote what it is jumping to. There might be a limit to the number of letters you can use–but I haven’t found it yet.
The point where the page will jump follows the same general format except you will replace the word HREF with the word NAME.
PLEASE NOTICE there is no # sign in the NAME command.
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Guests: Hailey Fort, Hailey’s Harvest
Staff Present: Mary Nader, Bill Eley
President Tom Eckmann called the meeting to order at 5:58

Tom E. introduced guest Hailey Fort. Hailey has received national recognition for her work with homeless individuals. She along with her grandfather has built a ‘sleeping shelter’ that they are looking to place somewhere for the benefit of the homeless. She proposed placing it at Fishline or another location we might be able to help her arrange. The Board was very impressed by her presentation and assured her we would consider her proposal. By the way, Hailey is 10 years old!
Minutes: Minutes of the June 19, 2017 minutes were approved as corrected (Donor of the freezers is Olympic High School, not Olympic College).
Treasurer’s Report: Becky Hall was on vacation, but had previously emailed the monthly reports.

Executive Director’s Report: Although the ED report was 17 pages this month, the Board commented that it was valuable information and the format made it very easy to understand. Mary provided additional comments about the Homeshare program. There is a gap between what providers are expecting in rent and how much the typical seeker is able to afford. We are hoping to create more matches based on provider needs and seekers abilities to provide those services (companionship, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. Additionally the staff is looking at the options of boarding houses, which have just been approved by the Poulsbo City Council.
Transforming Lives Project: Tom Eckmann led a discussion of the increases in the project costs, mainly attributable to the Prevailing Wage law. We are subject to this law because of our receiving funding from the State. He is reviewing options for a bridge loan should it become necessary.

The construction contract should be back from our attorney within a few days. It will then go to FPH for their review.
Tom has established a Project Central committee which will be comprised of the chairs of all committees involved in the Transforming Lives project. They will meet weekly for 1 hour to coordinate the efforts of each committee.
Development Report: Mary reported that our efforts at identifying local individual

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