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Here’s what people are saying about Central Kitsap Montessori!

“Over the last two years you have helped H. in more ways than just her academics. With your patience and guidance, she has gone from being timid and shy to being confident and secure. You have set her up to succeed in first grade and well into the future. If my years working in the school district taught me anything it is that truly amazing teachers are hard to come by. I feel so blessed that H.’s first experience in a school was with the best teacher I have had the honor of meeting.” ~ M.F.

“Thank you for such a wonderful school and safe learning environment! We loved telling friends and family that T. went to such a wonderful, happy school with great teachers!” ~ H.W.

“H. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES school and all of the teachers. She is constantly telling me that we need two Mrs. Marshes, so that she can have one at home!!

“I’d like to thank you all for making L.’s first Montessori school experience so much fun for him. He really loves going to school and talks about all of you.” ~ N.A.

“A. truly loves attending CK Montessori and I, as a parent, attribute that to the loving guidance that you provide and nurturing atmosphere that you create.” ~ S.T.

“The Montessori practice of teaching children to respect other’s work, develop social skills within their peer group, and promote independent work helped our son to gain confidence and lifelong living skills.” ~ S.L.

“As educators, we looked for a Montessori school that would challenge our children while instilling the love of learning. My preschool aged girls can read and look forward to every single day of school. CK Montessori has given my children the head start we were looking for.” ~ B.B.

“CK Montessori was highly recommended to us. We love the teacher/student ratio. The teachers work so well with the students. They seem to have respect for each other. Our son loves school.” ~ T.S.

“Respect for nature, good citizenship, a sense of self-worth and a strong academic foundation are all integrated in a very nurturing and highly stimulating environment.” ~ T.C.

“Teresa has a special bond with M. Thank you for being so devoted to the kids and providing such a great environment for his first school experience.” ~ E.G.

“Thank you all for giving (my daughter) such a wonderful and empowering summer school experience. We appreciate you being here!” ~ L.M

“E. can’t wait to get back to school! She was disappointed for nearly a week when she’d ask each day if she gets to go to school today. She thought the Christmas break would never end! 🙂 Keep doing a great job! I love that she loves being at school!”

“G. is just loving school. He has made several new friends and loves the teachers. Thanks for making CK Montessori so special.” ~ M.P.

“Thank you for keeping up a great website!!” ~ K.D.

“Thank you for the positive impact you have made in H’s little life.  I know that it involves a lot of hard work!  I am truly grateful for the collective effort at CK Montessori in helping children discover their world as they grow and develop into the person they were created to be.  I delight in H’s enthusiasm for her work and friends!” – E. P.

“Many, many thanks to the 3 BEST educators my children have ever had!” – B. T.

“We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for A.  Your patience and kindness to help her succeed means so much.  She has come so far since summer school and we have you to thank for that!”  E. P. 

“G. has learned so much and has come so far.  I am incredibly happy that he had Mrs. Zegers as his teacher.  She has great communication and loves each child as if they are her own.  She truly has a heart of gold!” A.G.

“Your school is such an asset to our community.  I’m so proud of G and how much he’s learned and grown this year, in great part due to his time spent at CK Montessori.  Thanks for all you do!”  S.R.

“Thank you for being such a positive force in our family’s life.  Thanks for the care you have taken in helping our children learn to help themselves and others.  You have created a rich and calming first school for them and we will be forever grateful.”  J.H.

“We wanted D to have a positive and fun experience in preschool and we got that at CK Montessori!”  K.W.

“I can’t thank you all enough for your time, effort and care since September when the school year began!  I’ve watched H grow in self-assurance, knowledge, ability and her relationships with others.  Also, preschool has been a safe and fulfilling constant during daddy’s year-long deployment.  I am so grateful!”  B.P.

“We loved attending CK Montessori!  Thank you for your care, compassion and commitment to helping A learn and grow.  He loved every moment with you!  You will not be forgotten!  C.A.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you who have worked with L the past couple of years.  His abilities floor both my husband and I and there have been multiple instances where he has come home and displayed what he has learned – that stun me.  For a 5 year old!  I know that he is more than ready for what lays ahead in his education and future.  I owe that to you as you kept him going and instilled that love of learning in him so early on.  Keep doing what you do as you are all making such a huge impact on these brilliant little minds.  M.P.

“This is a special place from the moment you walk through the door.  Both of my daughters have launched their loves ofl earning and discovery with the passionate, kind and method teachers at the school … and they’ve made lifelong friends in the process.  this is a place you’ll WANT to be … Hurry up!  Circle time is about to begin!!”  G. D. 

“Central Kitsap Montessori taught my kids to love learning.  I can’t thank them enough.  I feel fortunate to have found such a wonderfully joyful, supportive community of teachers, parents and kids.”  K.N.

“Positive learning environment with exceptional teachers.  Our girls love this school and enjoy coming in and reading with the little ones.”  J.H.

“I’ve never met a friendlier staff.  They go above and beyond to make the students, siblings, and parents feel welcome.”  A.B.

“My daughter attended last year and she is beyond excited to return here in September.  She loves her teachers and I am amazed at what she has learned and achieved so far.  Both my daughter and myself are treated with respect.  Communication is excellent and I feel that the staff truly care for my child.  I would absolutely recommend this school to others.”  L.K.

“Amazing staff. They are awesome with my daughter! She can’t stop talking about going to school.  My daughter has come home signing songs, books, and teaching my husband and myself things! My husband is military, and just thought she was sent to school, got the socialization and painting. Until she came home and started signing things to him daily and teaching HIM things. (colors, songs, words) we are amazed at 3 years old, she knows all of her continents, and can point them out. And the school year isn’t even over yet!! I am so happy we made the decision to put our daughter in CK Montessori. Anyone we’ve met out and about, thinks she is 4 or 5 years old, she just turned 3. A huge part of that is because of this wonderful school. Even her grandmother has recently visited and said she feels like she is talking to a 5 year old. I just can not say enough amazing things about this school and staff. My husband and I have said that we would go eating ramen and hot dogs if it meant she could still attend this fantastic school. We love it that much.”  J.C.

“Several years ago when my wife and I first considered a Montessori school, I was unclear and unsure of how it differed from traditional schooling.  After attending the Open House, I was convinced this method would be perfect for our children.  My 3 children have had a great time here and have learned so much.  Thank you to all the staff!”  Q.F.

“We started sending our son to CK Montessori when he was 3.  I was unfamiliar with a lot of the Montessori teaching approach but informed myself and thought it may be a good fit for L’s learning style.  I think it was one of the best decisions we have made thus far in his early education years.  my son absolutely enjoyed going to school and really made leaps and bounds with how much he was able to learn though out the school year.  We soon learned that he had a love for math and they really worked with him on his math skills which tool off in the 1st month of being there.  His official ‘number roll’ was off the charts!  (see above picture – ed.)  Fast forward a couple years and he is now 4, just starting Kindergarten next week.  Looking back, I have to owe so much to the teachers and staff for supporting his intellectual and social growth.  I am a firm believer that preschool and Kindergarten are where it starts.  You want your child to love school and I have to say that I feel that L is on his way to great things thanks to the early foundation set by CK Montessori.” M.P.

“The administrator, teachers and assistants are awesome.  They ill do everything to help your child grow, learn and succeed.”  C.S.

“CK Montessori has provided a fabulous educational experience for my son.  The teachers are talented and professional and they provide a very safe and caring environment for the students.  Here, the students are encouraged to follow their own natural curiosity, work both independently and with others, and be a part of a community.  We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful school in our area.”  S.R.

“My daughter attended CK Montessori during the 2016-2017 school year.  There are no words to describe how grateful A and I are to the wonderful teachers and staff!  It takes a HUGE heart to shape a little person’s mind and let me tell you… every single person at that school has a heart of gold!  They didn’t just teach A, they taught me as well!  You will always stand taller, when you kneel to help a child!”  O.K.

Our little girl officially became a reader this week!  I really like how the Montessori model recognizes that each child is unique and will have different windows for learning specific skills  If you’re looking for a local preschool, I highly recommend our beloved Central Kitsap Montessori.  Last year I saw huge gains in H’s management of her interior world, which was my main concern during the ‘year of the threenager’ and daddy’s deployment.  And this year she continues to blossom into a beautiful, enthusiastic little learner.  We’re so grateful for the caring and qualified staff at CKM.”  B.P.

Mrs. Zegers – you are AMAZING!  So many lives have been touched because of your passion!  M.W.