Preparing Your Child For School


rubber-bootsYou can help us to help your children by sending them to school in shoes that they can put on by themselves.  If your child is very young, you could start with rubber boots that slip on. As your child matures, you could graduate to Velcro shoes. We will help teach your children to tie when they are ready, but for now, being independent and responsible is what we are after.

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Food Allergies

If your child is allergic to tortilla chips, pretzels, goldfish crackers, or any type of juice you may bring in a alternative snack for him/her to have. Please put your child’s name on it and inform his/her teachers.

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Sick Policy

child-blowing-noseA child should stay home from school if he/she has vomited, has had diarrhea and/or had a fever in the last 24 hours. If your child has a cold and his runny nose is clear, it is OK to bring him. (We will help teach him how to blow his nose!) If the runny nose is not clear (opaque), he should stay home. A mild cough is OK but consider that sometimes a cough can cause a child not to sleep well and he may be too tired to function well. Contagious diseases such as chicken pox, pink eye and 5ths disease should be kept home for obvious reasons. A child with a rash that cannot be readily explained should stay at home until his/her physician has been consulted. Preschoolers pass on all kinds of germs even though we do our best to keep the environment clean and germ free. These are the years that children learn to share and unfortunately, this includes germs!  If necessary, please apply sunscreen on your child before the school day.  During the school year, we go outside for about 15 minutes at a time.  During Summer School, it will be longer, even up to an hour if we’re gardening, etc.

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Take Home Bags

When your child starts school, he will receive a reusable canvas ‘take home’ bag. It will go home at the end of each week with his work. Please return the bag the following week.  If the take home bag is lost, a new one can be purchased from the school for $3.

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Drop off/Pick up

colored-map-with-new-labelsThe teachers will come out to the cars 5 minutes before the drop off / pick up time.  Loading and unloading usually takes 10 minutes – we are usually done at 5 minutes after your slotted time. You will not need to exit your car. Please have your child’s car seat on the right side of the car as we help to un/buckle them in.  If you are later than your scheduled time, please park your car and walk your child in or come in to get your child.

We have a covered walkway that leads right to the school door. At the end of this walkway is our drop off / pick up spot. Please loop around the driveway and pull up to this spot as closely as possible. We want to minimize how much your child has to walk out in our driveway, both for safety reasons and because of inclement weather.

While waiting, always pull up to the car in front of you. If everyone pulls up, there is enough room for the whole class!

At drop off time, please have your child ready (shoes on, electronics turned off, etc) for when it is your turn.

If you are early and are in the previous class’ car line, you will need to loop around again.  You may also park at the ball field to wait for your allotted time.

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Separation Issues

The first day of school can be upsetting for the new 3 year old (and for his parent!).  Read this article for some good advice.

Separation Issues

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Weekly Schedule

The last day of your child’s week, is show and tell day. On this day, children may bring something to show or tell about during circle time. Please try not to send “toys” such as Pokemon, Barbies, etc. It is more valuable educationally to send an artifact of nature or something that your child has made or found. Also, violence is simply not allowed at our schools. Toys with a violent nature such as toy guns or swords are not allowed at school. Please consider this at Halloween time, as well. We usually dress up on Halloween day and would rather avoid costumes that denote a violent character.

The last day of your child’s week, is also take-home day. All the work that has been collected in your child’s drawer will go home in a take-home bag.

One day each week is group snack day – Monday for Ms. Zweber’s classes and Friday for Mrs. Clark’s classes. You can sign up for a day for your child to bring a snack to share. On this day we eat together as a class and practice manners, such as waiting until all have been served, passing food correctly, etc. You will have a chance towards the beginning of the school year to sign up for snack days. Typically each child will get to bring group snack once or twice during the year.  In keeping with the Montessori emphasis on independence, we encourage you to allow your child to help choose the snack to bring.  Good snack examples are crackers and cheese, muffins, grapes, etc.  Please bring enough for 18 children.

Tuesday is Sign Language day where a sign language lesson will be given at circle time.  You can follow along by checking the Sign Language section of each newsletter.

Wednesday is Music day – our music smusic with Reecepecialist, will invite small groups of children to our special music room where she will conduct a music lesson/activity with the children.

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10-17Birthdays are usually celebrated by the “group-snack” method. We will try to make sure that you get signed up for group snack on or near your child’s birthday.

We also do a “birthday circle” for your child’s birthday. We celebrate how many years your child has been on this earth by singing ‘The Earth Goes Around the Sun, the Sun”.  We use a yellow candle to represent the sun and a beautiful mat that represents the 4 seasons.  Your child will then hold a globe while s/he walks around the ‘sun’.  Each time your child walks around the sun, we talk about accomplishments;  when she was one, she was just learning to walk and to say ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’.  When he was two, he had a red tricycle, etc.

10-18This is always a very special time and you are more than welcome to join us and participate in the birthday circle! If possible, please bring in pictures of your child at age: newborn, 1, 2, 3, etc.

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Snow Days

fba9a1014c6745a8510398535db67b201Our snow policy is the same as the Central Kitsap School District. If CKSD closes school for the day, we will also have no school.  We will try to communicate snow closures via text (Remind) but another choice would be to get the news through radio, TV, and online.

If CK schools are delayed by 2 hours, there will be no morning school. If CK schools are delayed by 1 hour, come if and when you can. Please do not take unnecessary risks. If there are more than 4 snow days during this school year, we will make them up in June.  A good site for checking school closings is:

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Visiting / Volunteering

We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome to visit the classroom. Once the children are settled (3 – 4 weeks), they are very proud to have guests! While visiting, please trust our teachers and the Montessori Method! You can make visiting our classroom successful for everyone by following a few simple tips:

  1. Please remember to observe what your child is doing, and not direct her towards what you want her to do.
  2. Please never interrupt a child that is concentrating on a work (unless there is a safety issue, of course). Every time a child is able to concentrate on something it helps to increase his attention span.
  3. We call the activities “works” not “toys”. Just so you know.
  4. Please use a soft, calm voice in the classroom. We strive for a peaceful environment.
  5. When a child asks you to do something for her, ask her to give it a try first. We encourage independence in the classroom and sometimes kids ask for adults help just because they know they can get it! 😉

If you would like to volunteer, there is always material to be prepared, reading children to listen to, etc. Let your teacher know if you would like to help in one of these ways. Our Reading Garden (Loft) is a super cozy place to sit and read to a few children. Please know , however, you are not required to do any volunteer time! Sometimes you just need a cup of coffee and a few quiet moments. Go for it. We get it! You deserve it!

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Learning Disabilities

While we like to think that Montessori is right for everyone, it isn’t always.  If your child has learning disabilities (known or yet to be discovered) our classroom may not be the most successful for your child.

  1. Known disabilities – We can offer you a one month trial period during which we will communicate with you almost daily as to the successes and/or issues of the day.
  2. Yet undiscovered weaknesses / disabilities / behavior issues – It is often during the preschool years that we can begin to see signs of certain weaknesses. While we are not Learning Specialists and cannot / will not diagnose, we do have many years of experience and can be alerted to certain signs. No one wants to receive the news that something is amiss with their child but we do believe strongly in early intervention.  If we have a question about your child, we will discuss it with you first.  If, after discussion, we feel that we are not being successful with your child, we will let you know and suggest that s/he be seen by your pediatrician or by a learning specialist.  At the point of this suggestion, you will be on a one month ‘notice’. During this month, we will work with you to find a better situation for you and for your child OR will work with a learning specialist to find a way to help to make our environment be more successful for your family.

Signs for concern can include:

  1. Communication problems such as slow language development, difficulty with speech, difficulty understanding instruction and/or communicating his/her thoughts.
  2. Poor physical coordination and uneven motor development
  3. Difficulty remembering information, multiple instructions and routines
  4. Delays with socialization
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